Welcome to Quiet Contemplations!


​This is my little space on the internet where I share short blogs to help trigger positive contemplation, personal development and motivation.



I've deliberately kept these blogs short and sweet so that it takes you less than one minute to read. I figured that attention spans aren’t that long these days, and less is more! :)


But of course if you’d like further insight I will be very happy to provide more on the topic. I’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch.

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Meditator, Blogger, Thought Provoker



I'm Dipti. I love meditation, spirituality, the outdoors, and sharing thoughts with people across the world to help trigger positive contemplation.

I believe that living a value-based life is the key to happiness and success.

Before we can bring value to anything we do, we need to first value ourselves and bring values into our lives. Everything else later.


Enjoy your journey in life.

Thanks for getting in touch!


"Such a great thought Dipti, thanks.


The world will be such a better place when people will believe more in themselves."

"Thanks for your daily dose of advice and enlightenment.

I don't know why, but your thoughts are often spot on with some events in my life.

please carry on, you're helping out :)"

"Thanks for the lovely reminders.


Rising above self-pity, loneliness and feeling inadequate is what I endeavour to do more and more thanks to people like you, who persevere sending out positive messages whilst believing in them and living them!"