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Are You Leading with values?

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leading with values

When you are connected with yourself you can be aware of your personal core values. When you are aware of your own values you can live by them. When you live by your values you can lead by your values.

Whatever your values may be - respect, humility, honesty – by spending time in solitude and connecting with yourself, you’ll keep them above the surface and always lead with the values within you.

Just as a distracted driver influenced by passengers cannot be in control of the vehicle, if you are not focused, still and stable in your ‘seat’ of self-respect you cannot lead with your own values.

Remain true to your values, no matter how others behave...

and you will continue to strengthen your values and lead with them.

Shun the back-seat drivers of your life and lead your own value-based life with integrity.

Remember to teach to the little ones too :)

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