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Being All Seasons

Tree of all seasons
All seasons

Whatever the weather may be for you, or if you're feeling under the weather altogether, make sure you enjoy all seasons of life - be it warm or cool, wet or dry.

  • Spring into freshness and blossom under the sun.

  • Be fruitful and enjoy the abundant surroundings.

  • Cool down, let go of the old.

  • Prepare yourself to welcome the new.

Do not resist the changes life and nature bring, along with its variations... Instead, enjoy flexibility, but remain in your stability.

Always remember :

No matter how bad people may seem, they possess at least one virtue. So be like the humming bird, pick out the sweetness from everyone.

No mater how bad a situation may seem, there is always something to learn.

If you found this short blog helpful or would like further insight, I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch or leave a comment below.


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