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Crack The Code (and not just the egg)

crack the code - who am I?
crack the code - who am I?

Have you cracked the code to who you are? (as well as the Easter eggs)

Here are my findings….

.. We are a soul, a living light that illuminates our body.

.. As we radiate light, we protect the world with our light.

.. As we love our self, we love our neighbours too, naturally!

.. We are a detached observer, that is, we are separate from the things we are thinking about.

.. Being detached, we think clearly and not be emotionally pulled by any situation.

We are even more than this...... Enjoy the chocolate!

If you found this short blog helpful or would like further insight, I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch or leave a comment below. Remember to use these links to share this blog. ↓


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