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Don’t Be Fooled…. It Really IS April !

question mark reflection
question mark reflection

Don’t be fooled, we really have completed Q1 of 2020 already.

Perhaps we should delete this version of 2020 and upload it again since it is infected. Or perhaps it has brought some positive change to human beings.

There’s certainly more compassion…

More kindness

More understanding

More creativity

More urgency

More conversations (remotely)

More praying

More meditation

More reading

More rest

More play

More home-made meals with everyone at home

How about more stability?

Stabilise your mind whenever you want, wherever you want, for however long you want. Choose a positive thought of course! Praticse it frequently during your day… there’s plenty of time to stay indoors and ‘go inside’.

Could it be time to consider working from home? Convert your skills. The power of the internet, education and the right direction can help you start an online business.

As always, these blogs are deliberately short and sweet. But if you would like further insight, or just fancy a chat.... please do get in touch. It's really important to stay positive and motivated.

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