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Fancy Dropping Some Weight?

weight with wings

With January behind us, some of us might still be hoping to be lighter. Here’s a different kind of weight loss idea if you fancy dropping some weight…..

Weight isn’t just what we see in the mirror. We carry a lot in our heads too.

If you’re feeling weighed down or sluggish, stop carrying the weight of your waste thoughts.

They take up a lot of space... and energy too.

Thinking negatively and repeating what’s been and gone is like carrying too much luggage on a trip. It burdens you, weighs you down and prevents you from enjoying the journey.

Oh, and there’s wasteful words and wasteful actions too, which lead back to waste thoughts.

So, do yourself a favour and drop the waste.

Stay trim!

Keep yourself free from waste and remain constantly busy with what’s useful for you and humanity, and you will always enjoy life’s journey.

If you've missed 'Reviewing Your Decade - Simple Steps 1 2 3' for 2019, here's the download for you.


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