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Get There First! - Being the First to Forgive.

Being the first to forgive
the hand of forgiveness

When you forgive it's not the past you are changing, you are changing the future YOUR future and that of others.

You are forming stepping stones on treacherous paths and creating bridges over turbulent waters. How powerful are You!

Do you see the benefits of forgiveness? Be the example others want to see. Get there first!

By being the first to apologise you are the bravest.
By being the first to forgive you are the strongest.
By being the first to forget you are the happiest.

Have eyes that see the best in everyone and a heart that forgives the worst. Be generous and help others recognise their innate values and not see their weaknesses.

To forgive is divine.

If you found this short blog helpful or would like further insight, I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch or leave a comment below.


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