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Is it Love at First Thought?

thought bubbles of love

Is it Love at first thought when you approach a person or a situation?

What is your first thought? Do you shower love through your thoughts… by default? Or do you discriminate first?

Let love and good wishes be your first thought towards everyone, even if they’re not so nice, or perhaps even defame you.

Let positivity be your first approach to any situation.

Practise looking at everyone with the eyes of love and true friendship.

When you 'look' for the good in others, you cannot help but love them.

Your unlimited love for all will cool peaceless minds and melt frozen hearts.

They will soon be inspired to do the same. And if they don’t – patience and perseverance are virtues! 😊

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you fancy treating yourself.... go ahead. Here's what I would recommend... a fantastic Fairtrade vegan chocolate bar!


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