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It's Cyber Monday - What's a Real Bargain for You?

bag of bargains
bag of bargains

It’s THE day for shopping…. Again!

This time it’s called Cyber Monday. Whether online or at the shops…. you might be glancing around to pick up what seems like great value for money.

As you look around for bargains make sure you look out for some ‘real’ useful stuff too. Glance around you and see what you like about others.

Pick out their qualities and virtues and put them in your pocket for keeps. The way they say ‘thank you’ perhaps, or the way they make others smile…

When you see the qualities in others, you can take them for yourself. There’s no price tag so there’s no need to put them in your shopping basket. Forget discounts, these bargains are free.... and weightless!

But if shopping you must… make sure there’s good purpose to your purchase.

There are some recommendations on my SHOP page. Happy shopping!


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