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It’s One Week to Christmas - Be Present! Be Generous!

be generous
be generous

Christmas day is fast approaching so it’s usually a time to check your shopping list.

It’s time for giving and receiving.

As you finalise the gifts and bows, remember yourself this Christmas. What’s your gift to yourself? Are you even on your list?

Yes, a gift for you! Remember you deserve a gift too.

Firstly, give yourself time to just ‘Be’…. (it’s free and no wrapping up)

Be peaceful…. Be silent….. Be yourself…. Be Present…..

It’s the best present you can give to yourself and others. You’ll find you can make friends with silence.

Secondly, I know it might sound boring, but get yourself a book this Christmas (among other things).

You might think you know everything already, but getting another prospective is great for personal growth and transformation. (Don’t fear the word transformation... more on that topic in another blog).

There’s something to learn from absolutely everyone. Even if it teaches you how not to write a book, you’ve learnt something you can share with the world.

- Perhaps choose an author you haven’t heard of.

- Or a book you’ve been waiting to get your hands on.

My recommendations are here.

Whichever book you choose, make sure you’re not reading for the sake of reading. Contemplate a little.

Happy Shopping.

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