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It’s Stormy Out There…. Are You Standing Strong?

faith compass
faith compass

For many of us it's stormy 'out there' so it's a good time to ask yourself - what am I like 'in there', and am I standing strong?

Storms help strengthen the roots of a tree so it can stand taller and grow stronger. So when the breeze gets stronger on situations and the gusts of circumstances come your way, remember that turmoil helps make your foundation strong.

Keep your feet firmly down on the ground.

Stand strong, composed and courageous.

Have faith in yourself and faith in the situation.

Do not be afraid but consider storms to be a gift. A deeper foundation is a stronger you.

In all of life’s experiences, we choose how we deal with them.

We cannot control what comes our way but we can control how we respond, by shifting the emphasis on maintaining our peaceful state of mind. And through that the right solutions will surface.

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