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New Year Exercise…. for the mind. Day 1

It’s good to keep your mind active so let’s start reading. I’ve picked some interesting extracts from a selection of books.

Day 1

Be Happy : Release the Power of Happiness in YOU

By Robert Holden, Ph.D.

“Happiness makes itself available to you if you make yourself available to it.”

“You are not afraid of too much happiness, but your ego is.”

“Unconditional happiness challenges you to keep letting go of your ego until you don’t have one any more. And that’s called enlightenment. Until then, your day job, so to speak, is to keep committing to unconditional happiness and to keep facing your ego’s fear of happiness.

Like most fears, they prevail because you won’t look at them and they disappear when you dare to meet them. Why? Because, in truth, the fears of happiness are not based on anything that is real.”


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