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New Year Exercise…. for the mind. Day 2

It’s good to keep your mind active so let’s continue reading.

Day 2

The Immune System of the Soul

by Mike George

Here's a reflection exercise extracted from an interesting Part Two : The 12 Dis-Eases of the Soul.


Look back over the day and pin-point moments when you had a spiritual asthma attack, i.e., moments when you became sad, angry or fearful. Note them down.


What did you want in those moments from the other or from the situation, but believed you were not getting - this could be tangible or intangible?


Imagine you knew your role in each of these situations is to be the giver, to be the person whose job it was to bring something valuable, beneficial to the person or situation. What would that be in each situation? Be as specific as possible."

If you've missed 'Reviewing Your Decade - Simple Steps 1 2 3', here's the download for you.


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