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New Year Exercise…. for the mind. Day 3

It’s good to keep your mind active so let’s continue reading. Today’s interesting extracts.

Day 3

Happiness Unlimited

By BK Shivani

“Stop ‘wanting’ Happiness, Be Happy”

“Do we not believe what we read?”

“If today I read somewhere ‘happiness is your natural way of living, natural way of being, it’s your choice’, it doesn’t suddenly replace my old belief system. So I just read it and carry on with my life, believing that stress is natural, not happiness."

"I’m still my old self and say those things don’t work here. We don’t even try. We don’t experiment with the right beliefs. We think transformation will happen automatically. Well, it won’t. Whatever I have studied and whatever I have understood, I will have to put in a little effort at applying it.”

If you've missed 'Reviewing Your Decade - Simple Steps 1 2 3', here's the download for you.


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