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New Year Exercise…. for the mind. Day 5

It’s good to keep your mind active - let’s keep going with new year reading.

Day 5

The Little Book of CLARITY

By Jamie Smart

Extracts from : The Power of Insight – Chapter Two

“We cannot teach people anything – we can only help them discover it within themselves.” Galileo Galilei, Astronomer, physicist and mathematician

“I thought I was a great listener, but my coach explained that when I was listening, it seemed I had a lot on my mind. Listening was something I was working at. Listening in this way was OK for getting an intellectual understanding of something, but it wasn’t going to help me have the clarity and insights that could make a real and lasting difference in my life.”

Insightful understanding is a natural function of the mind and has the power to make the changes that matter in your life. Insight is the key to reconnecting you with your mind’s self-clearing capacity.

CLARITY = Capacity minus Contamination

If you've missed 'Reviewing Your Decade - Simple Steps 1 2 3', here's the download for you.


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