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Push vs Pull

pushing defects and pulling virtues
push vs pull

Are you pushing your defects away or pulling them closer?

I’m not saying you have any defects 😊…of course, but in case you think you have some, take a closer look at what you’re doing with them.

Chances are, you keep thinking about them, wanting to push them away, and they’re not disappearing.

Turn it around!

Stop pushing your defects and start pulling your virtues closer.

Giving thought to that which you don’t want only fuels it further.

The more you think about them, the stronger they get because you’re energising them.

Instead, divert your attention to your good habits, your virtues and your achievements, and watch them intensify and multiply.

Give energy to that which you want.

Think about the habits you’d like to have. Keep thinking about them and they’ll become yours.

Think about the good habits other people have. Look around, take your pick and take them on board.

If you've missed 'Reviewing Your Decade - Simple Steps 1 2 3', here's the download for you.


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