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Reviewing Your Decade – Simple Steps

Reviewing Your Decade - simple steps
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As we approach 2020 it’s worth remembering we are entering a new decade. Let’s reflect.

If you haven’t done so already, there are 2 more days to reflect on the past decade.

Don’t let it overwhelm you... it won’t take that long. Here are some simple steps.

1. What Were My Achievements?

You have achieved great things over the past decade so you should be very proud of yourself. If you suddenly can’t remember any of them, then there are ways! Scroll through your smartphone photo album, or go through your diary of events. Congratulate yourself on all your successful moments.

2. What Went Well for Me?

Identify what went well for you. Think about how you can repeat that. Doing exactly the same thing in the new decade may no longer work for you, but reflect on how you can incorporate that in the future.

3. What Didn’t Work Well for Me?

Although this might feel like a negative thought, for this purpose it’s a positive. Reflect on what didn’t go so well for you and why. You can most definitely learn from the past and ensure mistakes are not repeated. A wise soul realises their mistakes but when they repeat them, they are not so wise!

4. What Newness Do I Want to Bring Into 2020?

This isn’t really part of the review, but since you are here you may as well answer this too 😊

Think of what you’d really, really like. Perhaps more consistency in the great things you do. Add something to your routine and make it a new habit. Let your imagination roll and then write it down.

Print this out and get reviewing and writing! Use your notebook and get going!

All the very best and enjoy!


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