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Self-Love... Treats of Appreciation

tree of hearts

This week you’re seeing more love hearts than any other time of the year. Before you dive into Valentine’s Day, it’s worth noting that treats of appreciation is the route to winning hearts and improving relationships.

BUT, it’s important to start with yourself first!

Have some Self-Love.

Treat yourself with love and appreciation. Go against the internal voice of negativity. By appreciating your own specialities you will allow them to flourish.

You will be surrounded by blooms of confidence instead of the ivy of self-doubt and self-criticism.

Once you accept and appreciate yourself for who you are and what you do, you’ll appreciate the specialities of others too! You’ll enjoy spotting their uniqueness.

Keep passing on a loving attitude.

(There are of course chocolate treats too. Here's what I would recommend... a fantastic Fairtrade vegan chocolate bar!)


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