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There's No Excuse Really

yogi in solitude
yogi in solitude

There's no excuse really. You have plenty of time to take care of your mind and body. Whether the clocks have gone back or forwards, what difference does it make? And what day of the week is it, even? Whilst our health services work around the clock to help save lives, the least we can do is to keep ourselves healthy. There’s really no excuse now…. Unless you are a key worker, you have plenty of time on your hands for Solitude and Exercise.


We can’t go outside so it’s time to go inside. It’s the perfect time to develop love for solitude. Check yourself : Do I know how to enjoy my own company, or am I dependent on my device for ‘company’ and ‘noise’? Am I willing to give myself the time, or is it still just too busy? Your gadgets and the constant stream of bad news are not giving you the space to enjoy your own company. Go on your inner journey of introversion. Watch your thoughts and focus your mind on good things…. Focus on your virtues, on nature’s beauty, on God, on gratitude for everything that you have.


If you’re in the UK you’re even permitted to go out once a day to exercise. I’d still wear a mask if I were you. My theory is that particles travel in the air where people have been walking or running.

If you don’t have a mask, make one. Fold a handkerchief in half diagonally and either tie it at the back or hold it with a safety pin.

If you’re in complete lock-down, there’s still no excuse. There are plenty of videos online…

Warm Up


Body Combat


Take care of yourself!!!

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As always, these blogs are deliberately short and sweet. But if you would like further insight, or just fancy a chat.... please do get in touch. It's really important to stay positive and motivated.

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