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Things Aren’t Going Right... it's time to share Love, Respect & Strength

carry your heart
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It feels like World War III, but without the violence.

With the wireless gadget not working for me for my last couple of days in India, and the uncertainty of being able to get back to the UK on what was the last flight back for an indefinite period of time, I’ve not had the pleasure of being in touch with you. I’m pleased to say I’m safely back in the UK.

At first there were a few in self-quarantine, and now, I left a country which commenced a curfew and I arrived to a country in lock-down.

The scenes around the world are not pleasant right now, however, except for a few violent outbursts in stores by the minority, there’s a welcoming increase in kindness. About time too!

It’s time to rediscover your Love, Respect and Strength. These are three very important words for us right now.

Give out Love…. to help with belonging.

Whether you need to love yourself more or show love towards someone who’s struggling, send out feelings of love. We all need to 'belong', and for those on their own, it's even more important that they feel loved.

Give out Respect…. to help with self-worth.

We all need uplifting, and to be valued is a must. Check that you are valuing yourself for who you are and respecting your loved ones. Putting aside our differences, it's time to respect everyone and everyone as they are and where they are at now.

Give out Strength…. to help with will power.

Get energised and powered up so you have the oomph to 'get up and go' (indoors) and the strength to make good decisions. Your energy will emanate (remotely) and give others the strength to rejuvenate their own will power.

Our thoughts and feelings travel. Even whilst maintaining social distancing, you can send out generous amounts of Love, Respect and Strength to your loved ones, and the world at large.

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As always, these blogs are deliberately short and sweet. But if you would like further insight, or just fancy a chat.... please do get in touch. It's really important to stay positive and motivated.

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