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Traffic Control for The Mind – Let’s Unclog!

yogi on car
yogi on car

I know there’s now no traffic on the roads but the roads inside our minds are getting very overcrowded, and even jammed perhaps.

So, let’s STOP!

Take a break. Control the traffic of your thoughts every now and then (hourly is good).


Don’t suffocate in the traffic of thoughts.

Come up for air and take a breath of silence to keep your mind still. It only takes a minute - try it now. Most of us have plenty of time on our hands, so do it frequently.

“CLARITY = Capacity minus Contamination”

You have capacity! Now get rid of the contamination.

Let’s stay safe and healthy – both MIND and BODY.

I’m pleased to say I’ve made a useful discovery …… will be sharing it with you all tomorrow. Look out for the email.

Quote from The Little Book of Clarity

As always, these blogs are deliberately short and sweet. But if you would like further insight, or just fancy a chat.... please do get in touch. It's really important to stay positive and motivated.

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