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What are YOUR Current Stats?

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don't flatten the curve

There are many stats to consume right now – how many infections, how many deaths, how many survivors, how many tonnes of PPE….? The list could go on. So, for a little while, switch off from those stats and ask yourself this:

How many specialities to I have?
How many specialities do I See?

Here’s a fact - You are gifted with tonnes of specialities. You are surprising yourself with your cooking skills, your cleaning skills, your DIY skills, your ability to appreciate, your ability to care, your ability to be patient, queue up and wait ……

So where did all these suddenly appear from?

WELL, you’ve always been talented and special. You’ve just dug up your specialities in times of need. So keep going and DON’T flatten the curve!


As you get into the habit of realising how special you are, you will begin to see the specialities of others too.

Special people only look at specialities in others. Wherever they look that’s all they see. That’s what they specialEYES in. And that is what makes them so special.

Be the one to ensure others don’t flatten their curve either.

As always, these blogs are deliberately short and sweet. But if you would like further insight, or just fancy a chat.... please do get in touch. It's really important to stay positive and motivated.

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