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What Are Your Pillars of Support?

four pillars of support
pillars of support

Your pillars support your life. What are your pillars of support? Ensure your pillars are standing strong and have solid foundations.

You may see your pillars as: physical, mental, social and spiritual....

Physical : You keep your body healthy;
Mental : You occupy your mind with positivity;
Social : You interact with nice people;
Spiritual : You have meaning and purpose in life.

…. and then sometimes come creeping in your waste thoughts! The ivy of waste thoughts begin to climb up your support and cling to it, and before you know it they become the pillars.

The pillars of waste thoughts continue to strengthen the weak thoughts allowing weaknesses to get even stronger.

Instead of allowing the pillars of waste thoughts to support you, strengthen your true supports – especially your spiritual pillar.

Physical : Don’t get stuck at a desk for too long. Enjoy even short breaks outdoors. Make a point to stroll in the park.

Mental : Don’t get stuck in the worldly bad news. Yes it’s important to know what’s going on, but it’s even more important to feed your brain some useful stuff. Get stuck in a self-help book too.

Social : Ok, the people around you might not always be nice, but that doesn’t mean you need to lean their way. Show them what ‘nice’ is. And of course, find nice people to hang around with. Listening to great personalities on youtube and podcasts can count too.

Spiritual : In fact, this should be your first and foremost pillar. Contemplate on the meaning and purpose of your life, (other than making sure there’s money coming into the bank), then revise that each morning. Spend time in solitude… meditate.

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