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When Things Aren't Going Right for Them

personal reflection
personal reflection

If you know someone who’s not really having the time of their life, then rediscover your compassion and determination.

Compassion because it’s easy to blame yourself for not being able to help, or perhaps a loved one is blaming them self.

Give out Love…. to help with belonging.

Whether you need to love yourself more or show love towards someone who’s struggling, send out feelings of love. Feel in the right place.

Give out Respect…. to help with self-worth.

We all need uplifting, and to be valued is a must. Check that you are valuing yourself for who you are and respecting a loved one for where they are at now.

Give out Strength…. to help with will power.

Get energised and powered up so you have the oomph to 'get up and go' and the strength to make good decisions. Your energy will emanate and give others the strength to rejuvenate their own will power.

Determination because it makes you sit up straight and love everything as it is. It’s part of moving forward. Feel the bones of the situation and then go for it and fall in love with the task ahead.

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