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Who Wins? Your Vision or Your Subtle Desires?

tug of war
tug of war

How focused do you remain on your vision? Does your mind stay on track, or do you end up ‘getting off the train’ mid journey because your desires win over your vision?

All that is required for success is a vision of the destination. The journey itself will reveal the means to take you there.

As long as you remain focused on your vision!

The stepping stones along the way are there to help you increase your poise and stability. They strengthen you as you take your journey towards your vision.

As long as you remain focused!

But… if subtle desires creep in you can miss a step.

Laziness instead of remaining active;

Unhelpful instead of being supportive;

Staying in bed instead of the usual get up and go….

Whatever the subtle desires may be, you will lack attainment and then wonder why there is lack of happiness.

Sacrifice the desires, however insignificant they may seem – and you’ll be quicker in achieving success.

Keep the vision bold and bright. Remain focused, always!

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